UNGO: Register NGO Profile in United Nations Database

9:15 PM by Dr. Raych Hatashe, Defense—Churches & Space, GKKH
NGO Branch: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs: esango.un.org, csonet.org
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) including All Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Institutions, Foundations and Associations that would like to establish a relationship with the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) are invited to add their organizational profile.
Registered organizations can share their profile with more than 24,000 CSOs, specify their areas of activities, the scope of their work and their involvement in development issues, including sustainable development, social development and advancement of women.
Organizations with a registered profile can also apply for consultative status with the Economic and Social Council. If granted, the organization shall be able to participate in relevant international conferences convened by the United Nations and the meetings of the preparatory bodies of the said conferences.
Before registering your organization, please check first, if your organization has not already been included. Many organizations that have participated in UN sponsored conferences or have applied for consultative status with the Economic and Social Council have been added to this database.
If your organization is included, but you do not know your login details, please contact.
The profile contains a general part (name, address, organization type), contacts and meeting participation, activities and information related to the substantive areas of DESA. At the end of the profile registration, the user will be asked to select one main objective that fits best to the overall goals of the organization.
The profile registration will take about 10 minutes. Once completed, your profile will be reviewed by a substantive officer of DESA (related to the selected main objective). You will be informed by email when your registration has been accepted and you will not be able to login before this approval. It might take a few days for your profile to be approved. Please ensure that you do not submit your profile more than once.
Check if your organization has already a profile

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  1. the world are suffer because ongoing conflicts or the civil wars we need General assembly United Nation to bring relief to the poor countries in African and Asia and Arabs countries we seen number immigrants are increasing as result collapse many countries nationwide the vision UN mission create the world are peaceful and just and I believe NGOs celebrities has role to play by encourage the leaders of those countries establish Justice and the rules of law and improvement governors and elevate the people from poverty it has became great challenge of our time and improvement health not just those are wealth but the all the people